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Natural Alternative Grazers makes a slow feeder hay net for every grazing animal. Our mission is for animals to have access to hay at all times, as they would if they were grazing naturally. This helps prevent digestive issues, colic, ulcers, stall vices, cribbing, inhalant allergies and boredom.

We have a variety of bags to suit your needs, be it a large or small round bale feeder, hands free, large or small squares, flakes, stall or fence feeding, 1” mesh for ponies or miniature animals, or just a hay bag for your horse to push around his pen to alleviate boredom. Safety is our main concern. We are avid equestrians, educated in agriculture production and natural equine health care. And we care about your horses and animals, as we do ours.

Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the superior benefits of using a NAG Bag feeding system. Our slow hay feeders are not just for equine! 

They are great for mules, donkeys, miniatures, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, rabbits and chickens.

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Slow Hay Feeding

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New to slow feeding? Or just wanting to learn more interesting facts on animal health and wellbeing. We have you covered.

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Have Questions? Before you email or call check out our FAQs, we have answered most common questions.

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Net Care

NAG Bags are top quailty, knotless netting designed for the purpose of feeding animals. Our netting is safe and is made in North America.

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What customers are saying

Best Hay Nets EVER!

Buying NAG bags has been one of the best investments I have made with my horses. These are the best quality nets, by far! There are NO knots on the outside of the nets for the horses to sore their mouths on, the material is tough as nails and holds up even to my rougher horses, and wasted hay is a thing of the past thanks to NAG Bags which saves me quite a bit of money over the long haul. I have nine of these nets right now for my three horses (we utilize the Paddock Paradise system using our NAG Bags) and even the oldest nets that I have had for four years with daily use are holding up beautifully. I have not had to repair a single net, they hold up that well. Everyone who sees my feeding system using these nets wants them. I recommend them highly!! You will never regret your purchase! 


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