Regulate Consumption.

Promote optimal digestion and minimize hay wastage.

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Using hay nets is a simple and effective way to keep horses nourished, content, and stress-free.

Build your feeding routine.

Creating a feeding schedule around your lifestyle.

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It's time to simplify your feeding.

Nag Bags is the answer!

Our durable but soft netting is designed to prevent wasted hay and provides vital digestion! The easy-to-use trickle-feeding method means you can prevent and minimize ulcers and colic symptoms while offering 24-hour grazing—plus, they save you time, money and, most importantly, hay!
It's time to simplify your feeding.

We understand the importance of investing time, finances, and resources into maintaining the well-being and vitality of your animals. This is the purpose behind Nag Bags - knotless slow feeder hay nets that cater to the needs of all grazing animals and their owners.

At Nag Bags, we believe that animals are happier and healthier when they have safe access to hay at all times. For many of us who live on land with horses usually have limited pasture available, it can be challenging to give grazing animals access to the forge they need.

That's why we created our products with those challenge in mind.
Allowing you to give your animals the freedom to graze freely as their digestive system needs while preventing colic, ulcers, stall vices, cribbing, inhalant allergies and boredom

We offer a wide variety of sizes, from large round bales to single flake nets; alongside a wide range of resources aaialble to our community to help pick the right net, and hole size for your and your animals needs.

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We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.8 average
364 reviews

I love the soft feel of the bag, and my horse loves the challenge of taking the hay out. It keeps him occupied and helps prevent a reoccurrence of hind-gut ulcers. Highly recommend!

Love these bags! The convenience, durability, and reduction in waste are top benefits. Horses adapted quickly, no issues at all.

I've been using NAG Bags for over 7 years on our Paddock Trail. The nets have been used daily, rain or shine, and now required replacement. Can only recommend.

I was skeptical about the price of NAG bags compared to local options, but after trying one, I wish I had bought two! My horse is much happier feeding from the NAG bag than the old knotted ones.

The hay nets are well built and stand up well in all weather conditions. Horses are happy, and so are we!

We are using these bags for our goats, and there is little to no waste of hay. The goats are entertained by 'grazing' from the bag. Very happy with this product.

Love these nets with the black plastic round bale holder. Highly recommend & have told all my horsey friends they're crazy not to feed this way. Love Nag Bags!

Our Story, Our Promise.

At Nag Bags, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of all grazing animals by providing innovative, high-quality feeding solutions. We believe slow feeding is the key to keeping animals happy and healthy, and we strive to make slow feeding accessible and easy for all animal owners. Through our commitment to sustainable, durable materials and excellent customer service, we aim to revolutionize how animals are fed, one hay net at a time.