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" I wish I bought this before! ...

I've been using NAG Bags slow feeders for about 4 months and it is so great!! It really saves me time and money! No more soiled hay to on the ground to scrape and pick up! And my horses are so calm because they don’t have an empty stomach! "

Kathy Gauthier

" Amazing quality and long lasting! ...

These nets are fantastic! My show horses get the small square size in a 1” when stalled, and it keeps them busy and grazing all night long. I’ve only just replaced mine after over 2 years of continuous use and very minor repairs. The quality is much better than other nets as well. I’m very happy with the results and I’m sure my horses are too! "

Robyn Walker

" Totally worth it...

I have used several different brands of hay slow feeders and these are the absolute best! I have 2 small bale bags that have lasted 2 years with daily use. I just ordered 2 more bale bags and 2 smaller bags for stalls and trailer. I love that these don’t have any knots in the webbing as it is better for horse’s teeth. Pricey but totally worth it. Oh and they have amazing customer service!

Melissa Capriola

" The bags changed my life!

While I had been feeding 3 times a day before the nets, and often being stressed out when not able to keep to the feeding times, now I have freedom I could not even dream of. I have one net in each stall (always accessible) and two in the large run-in shelter. I now have a good routine, refilling the nets every afternoon. No worries in the time between. I stopped really fast with feeding loose hay at the beginning, beside the new nets - they just ate much too much. Some of the horses are better (and faster) at eating from the bags, but it does work well for all of them. I only wish that I could have started this years ago, it could have saved me so much work and stress. I really like the tie-rope, it is easy to attach securely to the hitching ring and never difficult to undo. I keep recommending NAG bags when ever an occasion arises. Next I will introduce my neighbour to it. I love that the brand offers so many choices in bag sizes and also netting sizes. A bonus: the colour! "

Elisabeth Simeons

" BEST hay nets you can buy!

I love slow feed haynets. I have bought several brands (half a dozen or so) with most being pretty good and some pretty cheesy. But, by far the best, are Nag Bags! They are indestructible, come in a huge variety of sizes and hole sizes, are knotless (so no chafed noses) and did I mention indestructible?!?! Look no further and buy these! I promise you will love them. They hold up to pawing, dragging, held in the teeth and shook like crazy. I have some of the three string bale size that are on two years old, feeding 5-6 horses, out all year round and not one broken strand. They are like new! We have only had to replace the drawstrings which is to be expected. All of my other nets of that same age have tears and broken strings. I feed a total of about twenty different horses. I won't buy another brand of net! I am replacing all of my other brands with Nag Bags and am now the proud owner of 8 of differing sizes and going to buy more shortly! "


Perfect Solution

"We've been using these nets for three years now and couldn't be happier. Our herd of 5 are loose housed and have access to several nets positioned strategically around the main paddock area. The horses are very content."




"I have a Haflinger that loves to chew big holes in hay nets so he can gobble the contents. I've gone through so many bags that he destroyed the first night. But not Nag Bags. He's been eating from his 1" hole Nag Bag for months and he's been unable to destroy it. I like the sizes. They are easy to fill and hang. So far the best hay nets I've ever used."


Best Quality Hay Bag

"Soft, knotless netting. Best quality hay bag available and they have lasted without any damage for years while being used night and day."


Works as promised!

"After trying many different types of slow feeder nets I finally got around to trying one of these. I have 2 horses that have previously damaged other nets as well as their teeth on different types of slow feeders. I initially purchased a 1" nag bag that worked great for a really soft grassy hay I was feeding. Then I switched to a coarser type of hay and they struggled to get the hay from it so I purchased a 1.5" and it works great! My only minor complaint is that in the winter the nets can freeze if they are wet from the horses chewing through them and that makes them very tough to refill but if they go inside to thaw and dry for a while then they are fine again.
Definitely recommend!


Life Saver & Hay Saver!

"We have been using the flake sized nets and the large round bale nag bags for the past 6 years and are so glad we invested in them.

We recommend this product for the high quality product that's easy to put over the bales, excellent customer service and affordability. The additional benefits are the time saved each day feeding, nearly 100% of the bale is now being eaten and my horses are able to self regulate their weight as they no longer need to gorge on their hay then stand with empty stomachs for hours while we are away at work as it is always available for them."


Best Quality Hay Bag

"I own a horseback riding center of 40 horses in Quebec. I've been using NAG BAG 's hay net for more than 2 years now. I have different sizes of net and I love them all. They have the best quality on the market. Ive tried a lot of other companies and Nag Bag is the best. They have a great customer service, the processing time and delivery is fast. I will keep buying from them and also recommend them. None of my nets that I have been using for over 1 year 1/2 are damage even tho they are being use into groups of 10-15 horses."


Worth Every Penny!

"This is a high quality product, with fast shipping and incredible customer service. We have used many nets in the past, and assumed that holes and tears were just par for the course. Not this net! We have had it out for 2 weeks, and not one snag. We are using it with the poly ring which keeps everything contained. I could not be happier with this purchase. It is reducing our hay waste and keeping our paddock tidy. Thank you!"



"I have 4 of these bags, the first ones I bought about 5 yrs ago are still being used, nothing wrong with them, I just bought another, I fill these up and hang them different places in, the large corral, keeps my horse busy all day, and do the same thing for night. Sure saves on boredom. Nothing better than these bags."


Hanging Bags for Paddock Trail

"I've been using NAG Bags for over 7 years on our Paddock Trail. The nets have been used just about daily, rain or shine, and now required replacement. I wanted to go with a smaller hole size, too, as all my horses have mastered the art of getting through a 2" net pretty fast, but was sceptical if the 1" would be too small for the Warmblood and Thoroughbred - as it turns out, it's just right, they all get sufficient hay out of the nets but it now lasts longer. The hanging bag is the perfect size for our usage; multiple bags out on the trails last long and allow me to keep an eye on the amount of hay they consume. Can only recommend."


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Great Design.

"The nets are well designed and exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful customer service too! "


Soft, peaceful grazing in a bag! Easy to fill & close.

"I was prepared to really love these bags but I was still blown away by the quality (soft, always look new somehow) and the ease to use - the closure is strong and yet quick to open and close. I love the lack of knots in the rope and I think the animals do too. They often choose the NAG bags over loose hay and other hay bag options that I have out. I hope to get more NAG bags soon! The staff and owner, Mandy, have been wonderful and I am so excited to find such a wonderful slow-feeder option --HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "


Great Investment.

"I have been using the poly round bale feeder for over two years. There is nothing that compares to this feeder from ease of putting it on a big round bale of hay as well as the fact there is ZERO waste. We have large draft cross horses and this is the third winter they have been on the feeder and it still looks like the day it was put together. Well worth the cost."


performance horse grazing from slow hay feeders improve their overall health and well-being

Quality Hay Nets.

"Buying NAG bags has been one of the best investments I have made for my horses. These are the best quality, by far! There are no knots on the outside of the nets for the horses to sore their mouths on, the material is tough as nails and holds up even to my rougher horses. Thanks to NAG Bags, wasted hay is a thing of the past and have saved me quite a bit of money over the long haul. I have nine of these nets right now for my three horses (we utilize the Paddock Paradise system using our NAG bags) and even the oldest nets that I have had for four years with daily use are holding up beautifully. I have not had to repair a single net, they hold up that well. Everyone who sees my feeding system using these nets wants them. I recommend them highly!! You will never regret your purchase!"


Making Life EASY!

"After very successfully using a round bale bag for my horses for the last couple of years, I wondered if they would work for my small herd of Angus cattle. The 2" holed bags are working out better than I could have hoped. The cows seem much happier being able to "graze" as they naturally would instead of being fed morning and evening. There is no waste, which is great as I cannot afford to waste hay. It also makes things so much less stressful for me without the rushing to feed in mornings and evenings, especially during our winter storms. Even the pony has his own square bale bag. Everybody is happy! Thanks NAG bags!!"

Other Happy Customer


"Just got my NAG Bag and I can't believe what a hit it has been! It took them a day to figure it out, but now they wont leave it alone! We can't get them to come in at night, even in this deep freeze weather, and when we do drag them in for the night they literally run to the bag to eat! It's hilarious. It took a week for 4 horses and 3 mini ponies to eat a small soft core round bale and I think the one chubby mini has actually lost some weight already! I had ordered the half inch holes, and I was worried when I pulled it out and saw it for the first time, but it's working like a charm - and so easy to put on! Thanks so much. Such a great job constructing it. Best slow feed solution I've tried yet...and I have tried a bunch!"


Problem solver!

"Love this nag bag!! I've fed hay using bags for years but this bag beats them all. My horses prefer the NAG Bag even though the holes are smaller. The large size and smaller holes keep them munching all day (or night). My overweight mare has already slimmed down and is less anxious. AND, the nag bag is easier to fill than I thought it would be. I am very happy with my purchase."

Very happy customer

Behaviour change!

"I wanted to let you know how awesome the NAG Bags are! The horses are doing really well on them, I barely have any fence chewing anymore and most noticeable is their change in attitude. All the 'feed me now, I’m starving' behavior is completely gone as the NAG bags last them most of the day for the same amount of hay they were getting before. The part that amazes me the most is the two horses that did not get along will now share a NAG Bag. I’ve got to get a picture of that!! Thank you for your amazing product!"


Happier Horses.

"My horses love eating from these bags. They actually choose it over loose hay. I am happy that they now can "graze" continually, rather than only be fed twice a day. I also love the quality of the product. Well made bag with good heavy snap."

Satisfied Customer

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