When introducing slow hay feeding always provide loose hay along with the NAG Bag for the first week. This assists your animal in learning how to "graze" from the nets properly, prolonging the life of your NAG Bag. Remember - slow feeding is only as good as the hay being fed. Meeting the animal's needs is very important, and making sure that you have the correct hay type will help to ensure successful net feeding. Visit our hay testing and articles pages to learn more.

Why Should I Use a NAG Bag?

NAG Bags mimic natural grazing because they allow animals to consumer smaller amounts of hay over a longer period of time. This benefits animals with improved digestion and a reduction in the occurrence of colic, ulcers, cribbing, and other emotional issues.

What Size Net Should I Choose?

The size of net you choose depends on the type of animal you are feeding, its developmental stage, lifestyle, and the type of hay you are feeding. See our Slow Feeding Net Guide for more information.

How do I Introduce a NAG Bag?

Always provide loose hay alongside the NAG Bag until the animal seems comfortable eating from the net. This will ensure that animal learns to graze from the net without frustration. Proper introduction of a grazing bag will prolong the life of the net.

*All nets MUST be introduced alongside their usual amount of loose hay for the first couple of days