Poly Ring Set-NAG Bags -NAG Bags
Poly Ring Set-NAG Bags -NAG Bags
Poly Ring Set-NAG Bags -NAG Bags

Poly Ring Set

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Poly panel feeders with a net 

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Hay Ring with Net:


Hay ring with net:

Poly ring with slow feeder hay net attached for easy feeding system. 

  • Available with 1", 1.5", 2" and 3" net
  • Easy to use - just hand flips over bales.
  • Can be used for small bales or rounds
  • They are great if you do not have a tractor and want to use round bales or prefer to have a ring around your bale.
  • No waste - keeps nets cleaner and less damage
  • Nets can be used for all ring sizes.

Please Note:  Poly Pipe Kits are sold separately. Purchase them here



AGI's plastic Hay Rings have been designed to minimize loss when compared to open, metal hay rings. By reducing loss, you will spend less
time refilling the ring and less money on hay. Plus, unlike metal, our plastic hay rings will not rust or corrode and thus will not leave sharp, exposed metal edges that could potentially cut you or your livestock and could lead to costly medical or veterinarian bills.

These plastic products will provide you with years of use and convenience. They are weather resistant and have been UV-stabilized to stand up to prolonged sun exposure. Plus, most of our feeders feature rounded inside corners to make clean-out quicker and easier.