Individual AGI Panels-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags
Individual AGI Panels-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags
Individual AGI Panels-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags

Individual Panels

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AGI Poly Panels have been designed to minimize wasted hay and extend feedings. Compared to the metal feeder, these Poly Rings are safer for all grazing animals. Over time, metal feeders will rust, corrode, and bend - leaving sharp, exposed edges that could potentially cause harm. In contrast, Poly Rings feature smooth, round edges with no protruding metal framework. They are made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene.

Single Panels can be used to create a great corner feeder or a Poly Ring in either 5ft - 7ft in diameter - check out our sizing guide for more information. 

  • Use with, flakes, square bales & round bales
  • Suitable with our "Net Toppers"
  • Keeps hay confined for minimal waste
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Holds up with extreme weather
  • Veterinarian Recommended!

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      AGI's Poly Ring has been designed to minimize waste with a lightweight structure compared to a metal feeder. By reducing waste, you will spend less time refilling the ring and less money on hay. Plus, unlike metal, our plastic hay rings will not rust or corrode and thus will not leave sharp, exposed metal edges that could potentially cause harm.

      These Poly Rings will provide you with years of use and convenience. They are weather-resistant and have been UV-stabilized to stand up to prolonged sun exposure.


      Recommended Sizing:

      Always size up! We recommend either sizing up one to two extra panels to offer the best fit and ease of use.

      Round Bale  Poly Ring Panels Recommended 
      4X4  5 or 6 panels
      5X5   6 or 7 panels 
      6X6   7 panels 

      Have larger bales? Check out 
      AGI Poly 8ft tombstone feeder

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