Large Square Bale Bag-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags
Large Square Bale Bag-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags
Large Square Bale Bag-slow_hay_net_feeders-NAG Bags

Large Square Bale Bag

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Available in net hole sizes:  1", 1.5", 2" & 2.75"


All NAG Bags help prevent digestive issues, colic cribbing, ulcers, stall vices, inhalant allergies & boredom.

  • Eliminates hay waste, providing your horses with 24/7 forage
  • No more head burying, eliminating inhalant allergies and eye issues.
  • Feeds more than one horse.
  • Saves hours on feeding
  • Easy feeding for those cold winter months,  
  • Can be used on the ground without a feeder, unless horses are shod.
  • Reduces wasted hay making cleaning easier & quick for any farm, barn or boarding facility.
  • Horses are always performance or Play ready!
  • Measure the length and width to size correctly for net

round-bale-with-poly-ring.jpgNOTE: If your horses have shoes,the Poly Ring would be optimal for you. We like to use no less than 6-7 panels - as this leaves room for the hay to fall into. Polys are a great large, safe feeder. (32 " high)

Measuring tips:

  • Width x Length
  • We do not recommend sizing by weight

All of our nets come with a Piece of repair twine
(Just as a good sweater comes with a spare button!)


  • All horses need to start with loose hay in addition to the nets for the first few days, when introducing the slow feeding method.
  • Measure your bales for correct fit
  • We like to see all horses start with 1.5 or 2 inch netting on large rounds or squares, as this size allows your horses to graze easily from the net, for an average horse. See net feeding chart
  • Nets (Except 3" hole size) can be left loose on the ground but only with unshod horses.
  • Nets need to fit the rounds/ squares loosely - as too tight will cause damage
  • We have many customers that do not use hay nets all summer. Please remember you must feed some loose hay for a period of time when you reintroduce the NAG Bag - when you see them leaving the loose hay you know it has been properly accepted, especially when starting in colder climates. This even needs to be carried out if your horse has had this system last year or last month.
  • Remember that starving a horse out with only a flake of hay in the AM and PM is not going to help them lose weight!  It only causes stress, ulcers and may cause other habits that form with this feeding practice. It’s the hay that needs to be corrected. Then it can be fed all day 24/7 and you will see many changes physically and emotionally! See our hay information page.


How is the Large square eaten down?

The square bale simply shrinks/collapses down with the hay and moulds into the shape of a large pillow. Before completely empty, shake out and replace with fresh square bale.

Will the large SQUARE bale freeze to the ground?

In winter use you can either use straw/shavings and/or tarps. Also, make sure they are never empty as the hay helps insulate the nets.

Do I have to re-tighten the LARGE SQUARE bale bag?

No, you only tie the net up once but you should inspect your large square bale bag frequently.

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Video - How to Place A NAG BAG ON A LARGE SQUARE