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Equine Digestion - It's Decidedly Different

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So many aspects of horse health depend on the horse's "person" understanding the reasons that compel the horse's natural diet and eating habits, and many complex health problems can be prevented or alleviated through a deeper understanding of how horses are made on the inside.

The information presented here will empower you to make the right choices for our horse so you won't need to rely on your neighbor, or your feed store clerk, or "conventional wisdom," or even traditional practices for such vital decision-making. You will know the right way to feed and you'll be able to talk knowledgeably to those involved with your horse's care.


  • Anatomy of the entire gastrointestinal tract
  • Comparison between dogs, cow, humans and horses
  • What's best - hay or grain first?
  • What happens in the stomach?
  • How is fat processed without a gallbladder?
  • What are the functions of the pancreas?
  • Is all fiber the same (there are five types!)?
  • What happens in the cecum?
  • Where do ulcers occur and why?
  • What causes sphincters to weaken?
  • Digestion changes as horses age
  • What's in manure?
  • Four steps of feeding forage free-choice