The NAG Bag slow feeders are made with high-quality knitted nylon for extra strength and durability. Our nets are constructed especially for the purpose of feeding animals. The NAG Bag is very strong but gentle on your animals muzzle, no knots to rub or cause abrasions.

NAG Bags are knitted and dyed with a green dye which is one of the safest – nets that are dyed red can leach and nets that are white claiming to be natural is incorrect, as they would not be white, as natural netting will be a light cream in color. NAG Bags are then washed in an extremely hot water bath and then put through a hot dryer which sets the dye and seals them.

The NAG Bag is a UV protected, 100% Canadian manufactured product to our Strict Canadian standards, for health and welfare.

We have a simple design for all the closures on the bags. NAG Bags only uses only top quality, triple braided rope for our closures, no looped strings to become entangled with. And all our slow feeders come with a matching repair twine – as a good sweater would have a spare button. Our knotless netting will not run and is easy to repair if needed.
Our seams stand us apart from the rest, as they are not hand sewn, but sewn with a percise, industrial serger machine, the same used in all industrial safety netting, they are extremly strong and very neat and tidy.

Safety is our main concern with our nets and all of our products – as we are avid equestrians, educated in agriculture and equine health care. We care about your horses and animals, as we do ours.

We are available to help you set up the best slow feeding system that suits your farm, ranch or equestrian facility, we are always ready to help email, phone or visit.

Remember: If it's not Green, it's not a NAG Bag. You can feel the difference!

Very Substantial, And Soft

I used to buy the much cheaper feeders. Well the initial price is cheaper. My "angry eater" would tear them up in less than a month. I decided to give NAG Bags a try and was impressed with the sheer weight of them when I opened the box, very substantial but soft material. I ordered the 1 1/2" holes for my angry eater and she is doing great with it.

- Helen T.