Her Story

Mandy Blais has been involved with horses all of her life, in many ways and disciplines - from eventing to dressage, ranch riding and endurance, to reining – and has trained and schooled with great mentors; from Bert Rutten, Cindy Ishoy, Lorraine Chapel, Richard Caldwell, Jonathon Field, and Josh Nichol, just to name a few.

Mandy’s love for the equine runs deep and true and she attributes this devotion in part to growing up with dedicated parents who spent many, many untold hours of unwavering support for her, in cold and wet, or hot and dusty venues.

Mandy’s equine education extends to an agricultural diploma in marketing, forage and production, and an extensive background as a trained Equine Natural Health Care Consultant and Kinesiologist.

In her business, and with her own horses, Mandy’s main objective is to see the life of our horses to be as natural as possible, whether they are race, show or pleasure horses.

After years of research and experience in the horse industry, Mandy discovered the need for a quality slow feeder. To this end, she created Natural Alternative Grazers or NAG Bags, that mimic natural grazing. This product is proudly Canadian sourced and manufactured for optimal horse health.

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Mandy's Favourite NAG Bag

Poly Panel Feeders With Net Attached For Easy Use.

"I love the strength and the versatility of the Poly Hay Ring; when you add a NAG Bag net topper to the ring it becomes a simple-to-use feeding system. The best part…there’s no more rushing home to feed a hungry herd!