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Equine Cushing's Disease - Nutritional Management

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Equine Cushing's disease is an incurable disorder common in older horses. The symptoms come on gradually but can be devastating to a horse's quality of life. It is a progressive disorder that can lead to fatal infections, colic, muscle wasting, and laminitis. The good news, though, is that nutritional management can slow the disease progression and greatly improve the quality of life for the horse with Cushing's disease.

In this volume of her Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series, Dr Juliet M. Getty explains the science of the disease mechanism, discusses common veterinary options, and offers valuable advice on appropriate nutritional intervention, a key component in the treatment of equine Cushing's disease. Her answers to questions from owners of horses with Cushing's will be of help to many who struggle to better the lives of their suffering horses.


  • How to successfully feed for weight loss
  • An understanding hormonal cascade of normal and diseased states
  • Appropriate supplements to lower circulating insulin levels
  • How Pergolide and herbal choices work
  • Explanation of oxidative stress and how to avoid it