Sometimes we have nets with manufacturer defects that do not affect the usability of the net, but they don't look as pretty as our high standards expect them to! 


Other times, we have used nets available. These nets may have small holes (larger ones will be repaired), or they may be dirty. If you order a used net, be sure to clean them according to the instructions on our Net Care page. We always include a piece of repair twine with used nets so that you can easily repair them. Watch our Net Repair Video to see just how easy it can be! 


Discounted nets are carefully assessed and marked down by up to 40% off of the regular retail price. Please note that discounted nets are not available for return, exchange, or refund.


If we have discounted nets available for purchase you will find them here...if you don't see a listing, it means we do not have any available. Good news though - our new nets are always available! If you are waiting for a sale, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to know when they happen!


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