What Net Should I Start With?


What size net to do I use?

The size depends on your hay type and animal type.

1 inch: Ponies and miniature animals do very well right away with the 1 inch netting.

1.5 inch: This is our most common size for equines and llamas. 

2 inch:  For larger breeds like drafts, warmbloods, working horses, young and older horses, and cattle.

When introducing slow hay feeding always provide loose hay as well as the N.A.G. Bag for the first week. Your animals will learn to graze from the net properly. This will also ensure a prolonged life on your N.A.G. Bags.  With saying that, make sure it’s the correct hay type and not too high in sugars, starches, or WSC. We strongly advise getting your hay tested to know what you are feeding your horses!   See the hay testing info page.

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